Our Asian Arowanas and other ornamental fishes are available to the following:

  • Overseas fish wholesalers

For customers from overseas, Xian Leng provides to wholesalers ONLY or to individual buyers who purchase a minimum quantity of Asian Arowanas from us. (Please check General Sales Terms and Conditions for further information)

Our services extend from fish selection, transportation to KLIA airport, after sales enquiries support and advice

  • Overseas fish hobbyists/individual buyers

Individual customers who are interested in purchasing our Asian Arowana can contact our agents in the respective countries and purchase our fishes at the nearest agent.

  • Local wholesalers

Xian Leng also provides local (Malaysia) wholesalers with the following services:

  • Customised packing and delivery services (minimum order required)
  • After sales enquiries support and advice

Individual buyers/fish hobbyists (local)

Our Asian Arowanas and other fishes, accessories or fish food can be purchased at our showrooms in Batu Pahat, Johor。