Xian Leng began from the humble origins. Xian Leng founder Mr Ng Huan Tong, was an ornamental fish enthusiast who ventured into rearing ornamental fish in his backyard by way of a hobby. In 1980, Mr Ng set up Xian Leng and commenced commercial breeding and sale of fish on a one acre farm. By 1986, the one acre farm had grown and expanded into a five acre 26 pound farm in Sungai Suloh, Johor.
Mr Ng noted the increased interest in the Asian Arowana and recognised an opportunity to be a pioneer in the aquaculture and aqua farming business. Mr Ng then focused on cultivating Asian Arowanas, garnering extensive proprietary knowledge on the breeding and aqua husbandry of the species. In 1994, Xian Leng was recognised as the first company to be registered for the commercial captive breeding of Asian Arowanas.

The company went from strength to strength, expanding further in 1996, with a 50 acre high tech aqua farming complex in Parit Sulong, Johor, complete with hatchery, nursery, quarantine zone and facilities to enable the packaging and export of Asian Arowanas to Asia and around the world.

In 2001, Xian Leng made history as the first captive Asian Arowana commercial breeder to be listed on the second board of the KLSE. In 2003, the company’s listing status was transferred to the Main Board of the KLSE.