Xian Leng Holding Berhad (KLSE: XLB) is Asia ‘s leader and pioneer in the field of commercial captive breeding of Asian Arowana, the King of Aquarium Fish, and other ornamental fishes. The company has been listed on Bursa Malaysia in 2001 and since 2003, has been promoted to the Main Board of the Bursa Malaysia. Xian Leng has been consistently recognized as one of the top companies in Malaysia , winning numerous awards over the years .

Backed by world class research and development, cutting edge biotechnology and proprietary breeding and aquatic husbandry expertise and knowledge, Xian Leng is the first Asian company to secure CITES registration, permitting the trading of the Asian Arowana. The company is also a pioneer in the creation of new Asian Arowana variants, such as the Spoon head Arowana and the Albino Arowana and the leader in the breeding of the highly prized Malaysian Golden variety Asian Arowana.

The rearing of ornamental fish is the world’s most popular hobby with the worldwide industry estimated to be worth 14 billion US dollars. Xian Leng’s value chain spans every aspect of the ornamental fish industry and trade, from ornamental fish to aquarium accessories and fish food. The company currently has operations spanning captive breeding and aqua farming, retail and trade, both wholesale and retail, of Asian Arowana and other ornamental fishes as well as the whole range of aquarium accessories, fish feed & medication.

Xian Leng currently breeds over 20 variants of the Asian Arowana at its extensive 50 acre high tech aqua farming complex in Parit Sulong, Johor. Japanese Koi, Cichlids, Anabantids and Gold Fish are bred at the company’s 5 acre Sungai Suloh aqua farming complex, which has 26 ponds.