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Being classified as an endangered species by CITES, the Asian Arowana has to be tagged with a permanent device for its identification without adverse effects on the fish. Xian Leng has pioneered the use of the Passive Integrated Transponder (PIT) device with 10 alpha numeric code manufactured by Destron for tagging fishes. This is skillfully injected into the ventral cavity of the fish and lodged there permanently. The tag can be easily read through scanning the fish using the detector developed by the same company.

Watch the tagging process live!

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Collection of fertilized eggs

For successful breeding, the careful synchronization of the physical elements (pond size), chemical parameters (water quality) and biological factors (readiness of broodstock) is a pre-requisite.

This involves the careful preparation of breeding ponds, maintenance of optimal water quality in the pond, selection of appropriate breeding pairs, close observation of the mating process and the collection of fertilized eggs at the right time from the buccal cavity of the male fish for further incubation and nursing at the hatchery and nursery respectively.

Watch the collection of the eggs from the mouth of the male Asian Arowana now.

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Have a look at the best quality fishes live at Xian Leng fish farm. The four major varieties are: The Malaysian Golden The Red Arowana The Indonesian Golden The Green Arowana

Watch the varieties of Arowana now!