XIAN LENG HOLDINGS BERHAD 16th Annual General Meeting

Type of Meeting : Annual General Meeting

Indicator : Outcome of Meeting

Date of Meeting : 09 Jul 2015

Time : 09:30 AM

Venue : The Landmark Hotel, Dynasty Hall, 4th Floor, No. 1, Jalan Omar, 83000 Batu Pahat, Johor, Malaysia.

Outcome of Meeting :

The Board of Directors of Xian Leng Holdings Berhad (“the Company”) wishes to announce that at the 16th Annual General Meeting (“16th AGM”) of the Company held today, the shareholders of the Company have approved all the resolutions as set out in the Notice of the 16th AGM dated 17 June 2015 by way of show of hand except for Resolution 6 (Authority to Directors to Issue Share Pursuant to Section 132D of the Companies Act, 1965) which was voted on a poll and the results of the poll is set out in the table attached.